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Pro-Tech MOT & Automotive Academy offer Diagnostic training delivered by our Technical Trainers who have extensive knowledge of the Automotive Industry. We offer this training in our fully equipped Calibration and Training Centre, to give your existing technicians the understanding of the different Advanced Driver Assistance Systems that are in use, including their advantages and disadvantages. 


During the 2-day course at Pro-Tech Academy, candidates will:

  • Have an understanding off ADAS Systems and Components 

  • Understand the importance of ADAS Calibrations and the IIR Requirements 

  • Learn how to maintain and calibrate ADAS Systems

  • Gain the IMI AOM230 Accreditation by passing the online and practical assessments 

After the course has been completed, candidates will be able to:

  • Explain the difference between various ADAS Systems 

  • Understand why these systems are important 

  • Enable technicians to set up the calibration area and equipment 

  • Carry out a re-calibration of the system and issue the correct documentation 

  • Have Assurance that safety systems are operating as intended 

The UK Insurance Industry Requirements (IIR) states that technicians carrying out a calibration must have the IMI AOM230 Accreditation. 




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