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MOT Assist is designed to provide MOT Test Stations and independent MOT Testers with full access to the industry's leading MOT Consultants for a small annual fee. Costing less than 3 MOT Tests for 12 months cover of £125 + VAT, MOT Assist provides security and peace of mind to MOT Test Stations in the event of any DVSA action or investigation. 

Why join MOT Assist?

We know mistakes can happen, and we know that representations can be very expensive. 

We know DVSA can appear unannounced  at any time for routine visits or even targeted events at your VTS.

We know customers can appeal against an MOT Test you have carried out and DVSA in most cases are obliged to investigate.

We know DVSA can carry out activities that could catch you out on a bad day such as a Mystery Shopper Vehicle with defects, a targeted re inspection of a recently tested vehicle.

We know even routine visits by DVSA can go wrong such as Site Reviews and observed tests  

We know that being invited for a DVSA interview can be very worrying

We know that the DVSA Disciplinary process can be a minefield and extremely costly! 

The list goes on!

Benefits for joining MOT Assist: 

  • Dedicated Contact number

  • Full unlimited written representations by the UK's leading MOT Consultancy Team including assurances and interview attendances*

  • Attendance at DVSA formal interviews if required

  • Access to MOT Experts 24/7

  • Welcome Letter with membership card

  • Member-only Discounts on Site Reviews

  • Member-only discounts on Quality Control Checks

  • Member-only discounts on IMI MOT Training Courses with associated Training Provider


*Disciplinary matters arising within 28 days of membership application are excluded from this cover however we can assist with existing cases at a separately agreed fee. 



To join MOT Assist and take advantage of all the benefits listed, please click the link below to complete your membership application or give our team a call today on 01283 734427

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