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Here at Pro-Tech MOT & Automotive Academy, we expect our Consultants and Support Team to demonstrate the highest standards of ethics and professionalism at all times, and we promise –


  •  To always behave in an open, honest and trustworthy manner

  •  To take responsibility and be accountable for our actions and decisions

  •  To always act in the best interest of our clients, partners and our company

  •  To serve our customers and clients to the highest possible standard at all times

  •  To establish, maintain and develop business relationships based on mutual confidence, trust and respect

  •  To ensure compliance with all relevant EU and GB legislation and regulations

  •  To uphold the profession’s integrity and good standing, and refraining from conduct which detracts from its reputation

  •  To promote, enhance, share and encourage best management practices

  •  To strive for excellence at all times

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