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Can you run your business without an Operator’s Licence?

The short answer is no. To stay competitive in today’s fast-paced road haulage and passenger transport industry, it’s crucial to plan, implement and grow your business effectively and most importantly to manage and maintain your Operator Licence compliance. After all, ask yourself, can you run your business without an Operator’s Licence? Are you looking to apply for your first Operator’s Licence and don’t know where to start? Are you confident that you are meeting the promises you made to the Traffic Commissioner when you applied for your Operator’s Licence? 


We can help you get it right from the start, and support your business to operate effectively and be compliant.

There are many Transport Consultants out there, so why choose Pro-Tech? What makes us different to the others?

We’ve been there, and we’ve done it.

For more than 20 years, we’ve been on the DVSA side of the fence. Our Consultants have represented the DVSA at Operator hearings and Public Inquiries with the Traffic Commissioner and Senior Traffic Commissioner. We’ve represented the DVSA at Magistrates Court in Prosecutions Cases, and acted as Expert witnesses at both Magistrates and Crown Court.

No one knows better than we do what is required to manage and maintain your Operator’s Licence.

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