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Finding the right automotive training provider: the importance of getting it right

Across the UK there are a number of automotive training providers – a group of which Pro-Tech are proud to count themselves a part of.  Whilst some offer online courses and others focus on face to face learning, we all offer courses and accreditations to equip candidates to work in the industry with confidence and to keep the roads as safe as possible for the public.

At Pro-Tech our misson is to ensure our candidates are successful, that they achieve their accreditation /qualification, and that they receive a high-quality service resulting in a positive learner experience.

But what should you be looking for in a good quality automotive training provider?

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It is essential to ensure that the training provider you choose is accredited by the relevant industry bodies such as the Institute of the Motor Industry to guarantee the quality and credibility of the training.  Unfortunately, this is not a regulatory requirement and there are a number of providers who haven’t met the standards set out by these bodies.

Pro-Tech MOT & Automotive Academy is an IMI Approved Centre and Partner, recently named as finalists at the IMI Awards 2024 for Contribution to the work of the IMI.

If a provider is not accredited, you run the risk of learning outdated information , and relying on processes that could be incorrect.

Experienced trainers and assessors

Even if the training provider is accredited, it is important to always check the Trainer’s credentials and to look for a trainer with extensive experience and expertise who can provide valuable insights and practical knowledge.

At Pro-Tech, we invest heavily in continuing professional development for our training staff. All Trainers are IMI Accredited Assessors and hold a minimum of a Level 3 Award in Education and Training alongside their extensive automotive qualifications. All trainers are required to undertake additional training as part of our commitment to remain at the forefront of the latest developments in technology and to keep up to date with changes in legislation.

If a training provider is not investing in experienced trainers then it is unlikely that you will get the most out of the learning experience, or have the confidence that any questions and queries can be answered correctly based on real world experience.

Comprehensive training portfolio

Choose a training provider that offers a comprehensive training portfolio covering a wide range of automotive qualifications and accreditations that includes the latest technologies and industry trends.

Pro-Tech offer one of the most comprehensive training portfolios in today’s UK market. We specialise in offering unique short courses and continue to add to our portfolio.  We don’t just offer courses; we work with our clients to build relationships and to understand their training needs so that we can work in partnership with them over a number of years.

In a fast-paced industry faced with constant change, it is important to understand the market holistically and to provide training that reflects this.  By choosing a provider with a limited training portfolio you are not only facing the potential that their courses are not fit for purpose, but also putting yourself in a position where you can’t then build a strong relationship with the provider to ensure support across all of your training needs.

Facilities and equipment

Make sure that the training provider has modern facilities, up-to-date equipment and tools that reflect industry standards to provide a realistic learning environment.

Pro-Tech operates a live MOT Test Station and ADAS Calibration Centre. We also undertake work on behalf of our clients who do not have the necessary skills or knowledge to complete. All our equipment is less than 5 years old and is regularly tested and calibrated to ensure that it meets the requirements.

By using a provider with outdated equipment you run the risk of learning outdated practices that don’t translate to real world scenarios once the course is completed.  This can lead to further risks and could compromise the effectiveness of the work that you do.

Class size

Consider the maximum size of the class that any prospective training provider caters for.  Whilst it’s unlikely that you will have one to one tuition, unless specifically requested, it’s important that there aren’t too many in the class so that all candidates can get the time and attention required.

Pro-Tech are committed to ensuring that maximum class sizes vary in order to be suitable for each course.  We recognise that having multiple people on the course can be a great opportunity for interaction and to learn from each other as well as the trainer, but are committed to ensuring that there is time available for our trainers to support every candidate to position them for success.

When a training provider has too many people in a class this might not cause an issue, but should ring alarm bells as you won’t always know which candidates will need additional time and attention on a particular course until they are there.

Support services

Look for a training provider that offers ongoing support for candidates throughout their training and beyond.  Undertaking the courses we offer should be seen as the start of an ongoing journey for candidates – of whatever experience and level – and not as a quick tick box exercise to show compliance.

Pro-Tech offers ongoing advice and guidance to candidates throughout their training and are always on hand to provide additional support long after they qualify. 

Those providers not committed to the ongoing process of training can leave you without updates and necessary information to make learning a life long journey whereby everyone gets the most out of each course.

Continuous learning and development at Pro-Tech


Experience the difference with Pro-Tech MOT & Automotive Academy. I’d love to connect with you and talk about how we can help to support you in driving your business further.

Get in touch at or call our team on 01283 734427.

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